"Congratulations to you and your chorus on your Winter Concert performance.  From their dramatic entrance through the first half of the program... the chorus was poised and professional and projected a nice ensemble sound all the way to the back row where I was seated.  Their singing from memory was impressive. You have accomplished a great deal with your groups in just one semester."

-Community Member, Buffalo, NY | December 2016

"David, I was really impressed with your show last night. To me, what you were able to get those kids to do must have been directly related to the individual work you did with them—or at least the close nature of your interaction with them. Some of the technical, expressive, and ensemble stuff you got them to do I honestly have not heard in many years at Nichols—if ever. And I should also point out that I think it was also because you went for quality over quantity. Your show was just the right length; every piece showed that some serious work had gone into it."

-Faculty, Nichols School | December 2016

"Thank you Mr. Hahn for all your efforts and achievements to orchestrate a wonderful sound and amazing choral performance!

Every parent I spoke to was very impressed and so pleased their child was in your class and performance."

-Parent, Nichols School | December 2016

"I am going to be honest with you. At the beginning of the year, we seemed to have our differences. As the year progressed (and I started working a little harder), we began getting along better and better. Today, I think we get along quite well. So well that I truly value our relationship. The more I learned about you, the more I respected you as both an instructor and a person. In writing this message, I hoped to achieve two things. The first I have already covered: showing you that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you this year. Secondly, I wanted to wish you a congratulations on a fantastic concert! After the concert, my dad said he was very impressed with how much you have made the choir improve in such a short period of time. A compliment from my dad is few and far between, making it statement that much more meaningful. Overall, great job tonight, and I look forward to working with you next year."

-Student, Nichols School | April 2017

"Mr. Hahn, in particular, has created a 180 turn in [my son's] attitude toward Chorus. Mr. Hahn's discipline and attention to detail has resonated with [my son]. [My son], in turn has dedicated himself to vocal arts. This dedication to a performance art runs against his general interests and previous attitudes. The only "x" factor in this development for [my son] has been Mr. Hahn."

-Parent and Coach, Nichols School | April 2017 

"Congratulations on putting on a great concert last night.  The choral groups (in addition to being adorable) sang beautifully.   That was a significant turn out of parents, grandparents, and friends and they came away impressed and happy. Thank you so much for your efforts throughout the year."

-Administrator, Nichols School | May 2017

"The concert last night was wonderful. We got to sit and listen to Mr. Hahn's chorus. He has done great work with the kids and has really capitalized on the depth of singing talent in the group. It was lovely to sit back and listen to his meaningfully chosen repertoire. "

-Parent, Nichols School | April 2017

"I have wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the concert.  You really turned them into a choir.  What a transformation!"

-Community Member, Buffalo, NY | May 2017